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All Systems "GO" Multi-Day Conference Production

We've discovered the formula for high volume production through partnerships with agencies such as Showcare, who brought us in to support their team in executing a series of virtual conferences for unmanned aircraft association, AUVSI, delivered on Showcare's Virtual Event Platform, designed for community-driven gamified learning experiences.

B&L Creative Group was engaged as the Technical and Video production team, producing a series of four distinct multi-day virtual conferences in the Summer and Fall of 2020, all focused on engaging global business and consumer audiences in the unmanned vehicle space. This was a series of shows that had our team and studio fully activated with all hands driving production forward and services activated for events that spanned two days to four days, delivering full days of content day by day.

Our role entailed the production of all video content, which evolved as the Conferences unfolded. We initially pre-produced a bulk of the content, then as time went on, we evolved into producing a more combined approach leaning in heavier on live components. All videos were created with record assists and given high touch editing and curation to match the show's concept - with mastering provided by our shop and run live through our studio on show day.

In the process, we engaged with a global audience of speakers, of varying professional backgrounds to provide Speaker Readiness. Through our speaker readiness journey, we hosted folks with a variety of technical prowess and security level from those who walked in from studios in the Pentagon to those who remotely joined from global universities and executive corporate leaders as far as Japan.

Working closely with business leader emcees, we helped to script and deliver a combination of live and pre-recorded segments - the highlight of which was a duo of leaders providing a "morning show" format where they provided interstitial reflections throughout the days to give the event a live feel.

Through these experiences, we came better appreciate the value of virtual programs for allowing for interactivity throughout with business leaders, who typically are on stage and in meetings throughout the conferences, being allowed to way-find and enjoy the experience journey in the shoes of audience members. We also really appreciated the value of demystifying the process and the ability to expand to a wider consumer audience, education opportunities that would normally be relegated to those who can travel to national events.

This production experience, going full throttle into closely scheduled multi-day conferences, really allowed us to expand our know-how for completing a high volume of content creation in a short time with the trust and collaboration of partners in all timezones in a remote environment. We'll always truly value these shows for those valuable learnings and growth!


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