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Design + Build of Corporate Broadcast Studio

We have a long history of working with Honeywell in a variety of capacities across several of their business divisions. From product training videos to “sizzle” videos to showcase their cutting-edge technology to internal communications that allow employees throughout the company's global reach to better know each other and collaborate, we have been a steady partner in meeting many of their video production needs.

We were approached by Honeywell’s communication team to design, install, and operate a full production studio inside of their North American HQ on Houston’s west side.

B&L met frequently with leaders from the Honeywell communications team about what they would use the studio for; everything from teleprompter lead “executive dispatches” to townhall style zoom setups. Additionally, we were to design a studio that provided professional quality but was also approachable enough that internal staff could be trained to operate the equipment themselves.

After researching equipment that met all the criteria, we purchased all camera equipment and gear and provided installation for the build of the Studio. After a few months where we operated the equipment and trained internal staff, Honeywell is now utilizing the studio on their own, in a DYI fashion. The group invites Luke to come in from time to time to support productions in the space.

This was an exciting project that perfectly incorporated what B&L is all about: professional production, consultation, and education. We keep details at the core of our delivery and very much enjoy opportunities to upskill our client's to be able to deliver, to production quality, their own productions as simplicity is key to all that we do. Why start from scratch for each production when a modest investment in a quality home for all business broadcasts can take your message even further.


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