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Own The Platform + Build Your Branded Elegant Broadcast Web Site

Okay okay, we mean no disrespect to the bevvy of feature-rich, interactive and multi-modal offerings of the market-leading Digital Event Platforms that provide conference-like environments to build and design your online experiences. We pride ourselves on being platform-neutral, experience design consultants so you'll find we're happy to "jump in" on your platform adventure.

We firmly believe that you can and should provide your business leaders and community with a highly polished, sleek and interactive broadcast experience for your next Hybrid or Digital Event Experience. That's where the elegant broadcast websites we create come in.

Let's say you're gathering your people to provide a message-driven broadcast event, maybe that highlights features of your company or business that are all in need of that "mainstage" treatment. Sometimes there is no need to invest in a feature-rich experience- when you can feed your participants straight to an owned website of your own, minus the bells and whistles, in order to deliver a highly polished, tailored brand experience.

We have a skilled creative circle of codeless web designers and a top-notch art director who can take your brand, and create a custom branded broadcast website that is hosted on your web environment and revealed on a certain date to host your special event.

Check out a project we did for friends at the prestigious Episcopal Highschool. The school, faced with the need to host an open house experience, continuing the time-old tradition of recruitment through open house, reached out to B&L Creative with the idea to create tour videos to relay the richness of the school campus. We collaborated with the Director of Admissions to amplify that creation through a one-time broadcast event- built to deliver a "choose your own adventure" style online tour experience.

In partnership with the talented and polished EHS Faculty, Staff and select students, we set out to work. The EHS team created a four-track experience with three rounds of unique blended video + live content for the occasion. The home page of the environment activated for the school-wide chapel welcome and admissions closer, while four pages dedicated to the school's pillars activated for three rounds of sessions. We provided chat for interactivity with faculty + students, moderated by our digital stage management team. We also provided speaker readiness and mastering to all feature videos for that cohesive branded touch.

Mastering out of our shop includes custom creation of your environments or "scenes" - the stage setting space, complete with custom lower thirds and bumper experiences that are designed to be unique and attention-getting from countdown clocks to musical interludes. We also provided Virtual Backgrounds to complete the look for any remote participants, which in this case were not utilized as the EHS team got creative in highlighting the campus as the "star" of the event, consistent from space to space, each speaker shot featured a snapshot of the beautiful campus classrooms, gym, library and more.

The result, a very elegant and memorable broadcast open house experience for an expanded national audience, reaching over 900 participants at peak moments throughout the night. This was our first strategic production where the target demographic ranged wide from middle schoolers to parents and everyone in between, and with the facilitated leadership of well-curated faculty pairings, it resulted in a sophisticated conversational experience throughout the event.

We invite you to peruse the experience on our sample demo site here without video. That, or, allow us to demo it for you and bring it to life with video!


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