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Episcopal Highschool Admissions Video

Meaningful investment in community through education is one of B&L’s core values. Not exactly in the “brick&mortar” sense of academia, but in the strive to always learn and adapt and grow admid the condition of constant change of our times. That is the essence of creativity after all, and it’s a place we feel very comfortable operating in. After all, we formally organized our LLC at the onset of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.

Right around that time, we had been commissioned to help Episcopal High School put together a new admissions video. The pandemic changed that whole plan, and together with the Admissions Director for EHS, we evolved our project scope to provide an innovative, fully online open house experience - find the story of that project here.

With masks coming off and schools opening back up, in 2021, we were again tasked to re-create the Admissions video for the prestigious school. Our approach was to shoot footage that showcased the 4 pillars of the school; Academics, Art, Sports, and Student Life. We worked with the Admissions director to map our key moments over a 3 month period where we would go in and capture life on the campus as it happened, with very little coaching or direction resulting in an authentic, documentary-style video showcase of the people, the academia and the culture of the school.

The product showcased that investment. One can’t tell the story of a place like Episocpoal with one or two shoots. To truly invest in the realness of the experience the school offers, it is essential to return again and again and capture the students, teachers, and faculty as they are.

After the footage was captured, we pieced together the timeline, ensuring that we properly represented the four pillars as well as the vibrant diversity of the student body with a meaningful voiceover to relay the power of the school's motto to Stand Out.


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