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Ignite Your Show with a Powerful Opener

Speaker Readiness and Executive Coaching is at the heart of our process for polished, strategic delivery of messaging in an online or in person production.

We work closely with business leaders and executive teams to insert creativity into the delivery of strategic messaging. Often this leads us to work on creative concepting for Show Openers and emcee segments. We provide scripting and set support- either remote or in a studio environment.

A power opener is critical for starting your engagement off on a high note, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the show. It sets the tone for your meeting or special event.

Recently, we've produced a few creative "power" and out of the box openers of note that we'd like to share.

The first, featuring an all star cast of Consultant leaders, the business owners for a recent Workshop, we took our client's prompt to deliver a theme driven by car racing.

We went "all in" on this concept by creating a movie theme'd opener - totally in the style of a Hollywood muscle car movie preview. We asked each business leader to send us a headshot with their cell phones, featuring a few distinct "power face" poses, and a result, an action packed, high powered opener. This is an example where we went "all in" on a high concept approach. Every interstitial segment to follow this- we featured a rotating series of business leader emcees who delivered segments from the driver's seat of their cars.

Another angle to take is a well scripted power opener is to work with an out of the box emcee. A couple of examples where we designed for an emcee that brought a new fresh perspective are when we worked with a Comedian to serve as an emcee host in the theme of a vintage style gameshow. He provided a scripted opener then delivered a few jokes between segments and introduced speakers.

A recent favorite and high point in emcee design for us, was for a recent formal event- where we worked with a 9 year old emcee to deliver scripted pre recorded remarks. She added freshness and fun to the experience and was a true professional and joy to work with much to our pleasure!

We'd love to work with you on presentation polish and ways to make your experience pop from opener to close!

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