Judicial Investiture | Creative Livestream Production

We are blown away by our findings related to digital experience design- finding more and more that a digital event experience can amplify not only accessibility but the creativity and authenticity in relaying your messages to audiences.

Recently, we were tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind culturally driven Judicial Investiture for a newly elected Judge. An Investiture ceremony is a formal ceremony marking the beginning of a Judge's tenure, that typically takes place in a courtroom with close family and friends, and members of the legal community in attendance.

Initially, we set out for a hybrid approach to the occasion but quickly found that the benefits of designing a 100% digital approach really unharnessed the possibilities in store for both the Judge and her constituents, donors, elected peers, and family. Where we would have been limited by capacity due to covid-19 restrictions and weather, by taking the experience online, we took what is typically a micro experience and grew it to be a macro engagement driving event for the Judge.

A combination of pre-recorded video and live elements- we activated our studio as the home setting for the formal live components with speakers from across the US joining in from our Zoom stage all live broadcasted out from a simple landing page we streamed to on the Judge's web site. The occasion reached 400 viewers at the peak, blowing away any engagement expectations from what is typically a small closed-door occasion. This provided the Judge with an authentic platform to speak heart to heart with the community she is a part of, both locally and nationally - exceeding all of our expectations on what a traditional ceremony can be when delivered digitally.

Highlights of the event, which will inspire future designs, included:

  • Emcee | We scripted + pre-recorded emcee segments with a Second Grader as our host for the occasion. She was a delight and added so much to the experience. We highly recommend working with unexpected emcee talent as with training + scripting, your emcee can bring to life the experience. In this case, we opted for pre-recorded segments as it helped with providing segmentation to cue up live speakers between segments.

  • Live from McIntosh Studios | We provided a host studio for the Judge, and witnesses to join in from. This studio setup featured two cams, one for the Judge's remarks and a side cam providing a wide shot of the swearing-in. The studio really brought to life a home location grounding our featured guest.

  • Live "Hello" from Audience | This idea, borne by the Judge, was a special moment, we had all family gathered in a separate zoom environment together so that they could wave "hello" at a given moment for family recognition. Cued up by a pre-recorded emcee segment, the moment really added a special touch - whereby we cut to the Judge's family to wave in during the live broadcast

  • Pre Recorded Elements | Pre-recorded elements allowed for US Congresswoman and County Judge to provide ceremonial openers and closers. These were self-recorded elements that we trained for- allowing for submission at the convenience of the elected's busy schedules. Also, we went on location one sunny afternoon to film an Aztec Dance ceremony and blessing for the Judge with her own community group she is active in - the ceremonial dance and blessing closed the experience and added that cacophony of sound that we all desire when programming for live experiences.

  • Interactive Meet & Greet | This was the most promising example of the use of Zoom Break out rooms we've seen or executed for clients thus far. After the live broadcast concluded, everyone was invited to join in a Zoom Room. Our Tech Moderator broke out all 85 or so participants into five distinct break-out rooms- where the Judge moved from room to room to greet and have small convos with each group. We were blown away by participation in these rooms- the conversations were lively, fun, and diverse. We always encourage interactivity to be at the heart of every event broadcast. In this experience - users chatted throughout the broadcast component side by side with the Livestream event, then moved into a progressive reception experience.