On Screen Readiness

On Screen readiness and polish is a critical element for "showing up" in professional online settings. We work with executives and professionals of all levels to take a fresh look at their on screen polish to maximize impact.

We've established five key areas of success to focus on when looking at your on screen polish, and provide readiness training meetings for every Digital production we are a part of. We find that it never hurts to help speakers and teams to take a fresh look at their professional appearance, even when they deliver professional remarks multiple times a day or week. A key element to readiness consulting and coaching is reminding professionals to continue to treat special events with the same reverence they would in dressing for a business event or reception. Each time you show up, you want to put your best foot forward and B&L are here to help drive that message and instill a sense of awareness and confidence in on screen delivery whether remote and at home or in studio.

Here is an example of a recent on screen readiness guide we created for a professional Women's event.