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Partnership | Showcare

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Showcare to provide strategic experience design for their clientele. An event management agency, Showcare specializes in driving association revenue, membership, and longevity with unforgettable in-person, hybrid, and digital community event experiences.

B+L are proud to be a partner to Showcare, as we are aligned creatively and culturally. We have a rich history as we teamed up with them to support the design and delivery of their new event platform as the preferred event strategy and technical production firm through 2020 and 2021.

Now, as events are being reinvigorated, we are providing consulting solutions for Showcare, rounding out their services with strategy and design packages; offering Strategic Event Health Audits.

We are deeply invested in supporting our partners and our clients in optimizing their business event strategy in the new era of events, where people crave meaningful life experiences. Trust in experiences found at events is at an all-time high; increasing the need for delivering tailored, meaningful, impactful experiences.

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