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Travel Virtually Anywhere with Livestream Events

There is no denying that the pandemic era has pushed us to new levels of creativity when creating events online for business groups. We've really been impressed by the ingenuity and ability to create destination-based showcases featuring the visuals and talents you would get if you were to travel to that destination.

One of our favorites - A winery tour of Sonoma-based Benzinger Family Winery for an investment firm. The visit to Benzinger Family Winery was featured during a multi-day conference, one of the early evening social hours, and co-produced with friends at Hello Destination Management! for a Maritz Global Events partner client.

Benzinger family hosts brought us into their family story through photos while guests enjoyed Benzinger wines, a selection of four bottles, delivered straight to the door for the activation. This provided for a complete sensory experience and mini getaway for everyone.

We've also brought to life fun foodie activations with chef-assisted cooking classes and craft cocktail making with the featured bartender hosted in a lush resort getaway. It's a simple recipe of gathering the finest experts and training them on how to present to a remote style production environment and voila!

Also, be sure to check out the virtual open house we created which really highlighted the ability to showcase a feature location remotely in our post about Elegant Broadcast Web sites.

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