Video Guides + Experience Tours -Know before you Show

Any well designed event experience is one where you guide your participants through the experience journey, providing them with the tools and know-how to navigate and wayfind on their own to create their own personalized participatory experience.

Where we focus on highly designed signage plans for in person experiences, for digital experiences, we provide highly customized experience tour videos to help users navigate and optimize time spent in their platform experience.

These simple a la carte videos are optimized for your final pre event emails and for living on site as part of your welcome page. Often they are combined with a welcome from company leadership or an emcee. We include these videos in any platform experience we design or they are provided as a la carte orders to complement the platform designs for our agency partners.

Recently, we teamed up with Maritz Global Events on creating a simple tour video for a month long online customer experience. This is a key example for how you can make sure the features and design of your experience are optimized for any user.