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MassChallenge RESOLVE Summit and Awards

We absolutely love to support startups and innovators in their resolve to imagine a better world. We've had the great fortune of working directly in this capacity with clients MassChallenge over the years.

We have a rich history with MassChallenge; from supporting the production of the Houston launch in 2018 onward to hybrid productions in 2020 to an In-Person Texas Market Access tour in 2022 to this year, when we were invited to design and produce the inaugural thought leadership conference, RESOLVE Summit and Awards.

RESOLVE Summit is a 1-day micro-conference highlighting thought leadership and the future of innovation, located in Boston at the Aloft Seaport District. The Summit, spearheaded by the effervescent Cait Brumme, CEO of MassChallenge and Ren Mitchell, VP of Community at MassChallenge, attracted over 150 participants throughout the day. The experience was an intimate closed-door thought leadership discussion featuring panels by the Boston Globe and MIT REAP program.

It culminated with the MassChallenge Awards, supporting $1M in prizes to top startups from the MassChallenge 2022 Cohort. Luke produced and edited Oscar-style video reels to showcase all startup finalists in each category as Awards were announced during the show. The videos, featured partially captured footage from live events Luke shot and submitted videos showcasing the work of around 40 total startups for the mainstage event.

In addition to the curation of Scripting, Bianca brought on a live emcee, the DJ of the Boston Celtics, for that local, upbeat flavor.

Congratulations to MassChallenge on a successful new event to add to their lineup of value-driven experiences. We look forward to seeing where the RESOLVE Summit goes in the future!


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